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BursaTracker. . .
Live market analysis of ALL stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia (KLSE).

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What is BursaTracker ? And how does it work ?

  1. BursaTracker is a proprietary stock analysis system which combines real-time (live) and historical stock transactional data.

  2. First it looks at how a particular stock “behaves” historically. By analyzing how price and volume moves, BursaTracker captures the signatures of up and down cycles for each stock.

  3. In real-time, transactional data is analyzed again, capturing the behavior of trades being executed during the trading hours of the day.

  4. Both the intra-day and historical cycle signatures are analyzed, compared and matched to determine the probability of the directional movement (up/down) of each stock.

  5. BursaTracker does this for ALL the stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia.

The Value Proposition of BursaTracker :

  1. To all investors – BursaTracker’s comprehensive real-time market analysis of all stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia keeps you informed of the status of every stock in your portfolios - whether they are bullish, bearish, and when to buy or sell. Click here for a Quick Tour

  2. For active traders and the occasional speculator, BursaTracker generates trading buys based on real-time market action, and continues to monitor them for you until it's time to sell.

  3. Whether the market is bullish, bearish or going sideways and whether you already have a pre-determined list of stocks or otherwise, BursaTracker value-adds to your trading/investing experience by keeping you on the right side of the market and bringing you trading/investment opportunities as and when it develops – all in real-time!

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NOTE: Please be aware that all the stock analysis provided through BursaTracker does not guarantee you profits.

Kindly read our
Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions carefully before you
rely on BursaTracker for your investment decisions.

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